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“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Anonymous

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for visiting my Travel and Lifestyle blog.

I am Jane and I am currently studying History and English at the University of Leeds.

I have been lucky enough to visit so many places in my 20 years of life. However, there is still so much more that I want to see. Being half Japanese means I often go back to Japan and because of this I have especially fallen in love with Japanese culture and history. My blog has a whole section dedicated purely on Japan as in 2017 I was lucky enough to live there for 3 months while I studied at a language school in Shinjuku.

I also love travelling around Europe and have been fortunate enough to visit an array of countries in Europe too, so I have categories dedicated to them as well. This summer, I am going to be living in Berlin for a month so I will be writing a lot about this trip as well.

The ‘Life in Leeds’ has been created as this is where I spend the majority of my time at the moment. I hope students can find my guides to Leeds Life useful or even people who are just visiting Leeds for a day.

I plan to post at least once every week, most probably a Saturday and will try and post once during the week as well. This may change when I return to University in September.

Through producing, creating and developing my blog, I hope I can inspire you guys to travel and show you that it is possible as a student to travel and what is out there to see. Furthermore, I also work towards my ultimate goal of becoming a travel writer or my dream job working for a travel agency.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and if you have any recommendations or you want to collaborate please feel free to message me.


Jane Ayako



My Work

2018: Guest blogger for LoveJapan Magazine- ‘Things to Do in Tokyo: In the Eyes of Creative Youth’

2018: Writer, for Citytravelreview project- ‘Student Survival Guide’

2017: Written various articles for JapanTravel, Check out my most Popular Article Shiro Hige: The Cutest Cream Puffs in Town